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October 28, 2014

Apprenticeship placements on public projects

S. Simpson: The government knows that a key challenge for the blueprint for skills training is finding sufficient job placements for apprentices. We know that there are challenges in getting the private sector engaged in creating those placements.

The government needs to step up and support those efforts as well, through the public service. With only some 331 placements in the public service, including municipalities and the SUCH sector — schools, universities, colleges and health care — it’s hard to argue that the B.C. Liberal commitment to meeting this demand has been realized.

If the minister is serious about an effective skills-training program, the government needs to create substantially more apprenticeship placements in the public service. When will that begin?


S. Simpson: The problem, as the minister will know, is that while the blueprint makes some reference, there is nothing concrete here about how we make that happen. As the minister says, the province spends billions of dollars on capital projects itself, yet there are no obligations in the bids on these projects for contractors to have any apprenticeship plans as a requirement of the bid. It doesn’t exist.

We know that in the past such requirements, when they were in place, had a meaningful impact. When will the government put in place those requirements, on bids for public projects, that there be an apprenticeship component to ensure that we’re finding the job placements necessary to make skills training successful in this province? Will they do it now?


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