Excerpt from the Official Report of


October 21, 2014

BC Place conditions and management

S. Simpson: Not only are pieces falling from the roof, but it continues to leak, with the key response from PavCo being that for wet patrons, they get a free beer. You have an organization that missed its attendance projections by 15 to 20 percent, losing over $10 million, and an organization that suppressed information about health and safety risks. For this, the president of PavCo got a $100,000 bonus.

Could the Deputy Premier tell us: what would this organization have to have done for the president to not get a bonus?


S. Simpson: The Ministers of Education and Justice sat on the PavCo board in 2013. They collected tens of thousands of dollars in directors’ fees. This was a board that either condoned or ignored PavCo’s decision to suppress an engineering report that revealed a risk to the safety of stadium attendees. That was the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner that said that.

You can take your pick, hon. Speaker, on whether they were complicit or they were ignorant about this. The board’s conduct was disreputable on this. Why are the Deputy Premier and the Liberals defending this shameful conduct by a board that included two senior cabinet ministers?


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