Excerpt from the Official Report of


July 17, 2013

Call for an independent investigation into the government's multicultural outreach strategy

S. Simpson: For what information is in the Dyble report, just the nature of the mandate of the report ensured that it was inadequate. The Dyble report couldn't investigate the Liberal Party. The Dyble report couldn't investigate the Liberal caucus. As a result, it could not connect the dots between the hush money scandal, the government, the caucus and the Liberal Party.

What we have here is some 10,000 pages, half of which are pretty much blank. What it does tell us is that there was a plan to offer hush money to an individual who had information potentially damaging to the Premier and the B.C. Liberals. Half the e-mail exposing this plan was blanked out by the government before its release.

My question is to the Deputy Premier. With this new information, will the Deputy Premier order a full, independent investigation with the power to review all factors, including the Liberal Party, the Liberal caucus and this hush money scandal?


S. Simpson: This member should know that those divisions are no excuse for using taxpayers' money to promote the B.C. Liberal Party...This government attempts to hide behind a report that by its nature and by its mandate was inadequate. No ability to look at the Liberal Party, which was the beneficiary of taxpayers' money. No ability to look at the conduct of the Liberal caucus. No ability to contact hush money and the moving of taxpayers' dollars to support the Liberal Party — none at all.

But what this new information does do is expose this e-mail. It appears that nowhere in the recommendations of Mr. Dyble's report are there recommendations that deal specifically with this e-mail and with this question of hush money.

British Columbians need closure on this issue. That closure did not come with the election. It will come when somebody answers a clear question. That's what we require.

Again, will the Deputy Premier order an independent investigation of this hush money scandal of the Liberal Party getting taxpayers' dollars funnelled in through this information?


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