Excerpt from the Official Report of


October 19, 2011

Comments by CLBC chair and Community Living services review

S. Simpson: On numerous occasions during this question period the minister has been asked whether she agrees with the comments of the B.C. Liberal–appointed board chair of CLBC about outside noise — about that chair saying that the families, the advocates, the opposition are nothing but outside noise. The minister has been asked if she concurs with the chair's comments. Could she tell us: does she agree with the chair's comments that it's nothing but outside noise?


S. Simpson: That answer, like the answers of the Premier yesterday…. No wonder nobody in this province has any confidence in the B.C. Liberals to care for the developmentally disabled in this province. This is a minister who fails to answer questions and who will not deal with issues. The past minister over here was no better. He was no better.


S. Simpson: Day after day, story after story of desperate families worried about their loved ones' futures. One week the minister is removed, and the next week the CEO is fired. The chair of the board — the B.C. Liberal–appointed chair — insults families across this country who are worried about their loved ones. Now members of the B.C. Liberal Party are standing up and saying their government is wrong. If this isn't a crisis, I don't know what is.

Will the minister do the right thing: appoint an independent review, get to the problem and quit stonewalling?


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