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November 4, 2011

Comments on CLBC's illogical assesment guide

S. Simpson: Hon. Speaker, the minister will know that one of the critical issues in this, with everything that's been happening with CLBC, has been the loss of confidence of families of loved ones who have developmental disabilities. And a key issue with that has been the guide to support allocation, which is the tool that's used to assess the need for CLBC clients. This guide has proved to be terribly flawed. We know that family after family have said that those assessments have gone on without their participation in the early and formative stages, and we also know that the analysts and the staff who are doing these assessments have been specifically told that they cannot consider critical information.

I'll read from the tool: "Staff are to focus on current disability-related needs as outlined with the plan, rather than past or anticipated future need." The reality is that staff have been told: "You cannot consider somebody's history, nor can you consider any prognosis for their future in assessing their need." That is illogical, in any way you look at it.

Will the minister tell us today whether she supports that practice, and will she tell us that she will include this question in an external review of CLBC?


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