Excerpt from the Official Report of


October 18, 2011

Community Living services for children in transition to adulthood

S. Simpson: The minister talks about people's privacy. These are people who are in these situations who don't necessarily want to speak, but they have no choice. They are anxious. They are desperate. The government is ignoring them, and CLBC is ignoring their needs, so they're speaking out. We're hearing this more and more.

Young people — they receive services from MCFD. They turn 19. That envelope of services disappears. Kirsten Eikenstein's daughter Corrine turned 19 in March. There has been no meaningful plan for her. Kirsten believes she is on her own. She is worried, and she is speaking out. And while the chair of CLBC may consider her outside noise, her concerns are real.

My question to the minister is this. Is the minister listening to Kirsten, or does she believe that she's outside noise too, just like her chair?


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