The Community Office is Hiring: Deadline August 14th

August 8, 2018

August 7th, 2018

Constituency Assistant – Vancouver-Hastings


Constituency Assistant, Regular Part Time (28 hours / week)


Shane Simpson MLA Constituency Office Vancouver Hastings

Job Description

A Constituency Assistant is a confidential employee responsible for the administration of the Constituency Office(s) of a Member of the Legislative Assembly.

Under the general supervision of the MLA, the duties may include:

1. Assistance and Advocacy for Constituents

  • Constituency Assistants will be responsible for developing and maintaining a working relationship with Ministry Offices and administrative bodies in order to provide constituents with information and assistance in resolving questions and problems. Where necessary this may include areas of federal jurisdiction.
  • Constituency Assistants will have a comprehensive knowledge of provincial government legislation, programs and services, and community resources to whom constituents can be referred for further assistance.
  • Casework may include assessing constituents’ situations and providing advocacy and advice as deemed necessary.

2. Community Outreach and Liaison

  • Constituency Assistants may be required to monitor local government and community activities to keep the Member informed on local issues. She/he may be requested to represent the MLA at public and community functions.
  • The Constituency Assistant shall advise and assist the MLA in enhancing his/her role and presence in the constituency.

3. Information and Public Relations

  • The Constituency Assistant may be required to provide constituents and community bodies with information and clarification of government legislation and policies. NDP positions as outlined in caucus speeches, press releases, Bills and Resolutions, may be made available upon request.
  • Constituency Assistants may also facilitate their Members access to local press through monitoring and advising the MLA about local issues.
  • Constituency Assistants may be responsible for the preparation of communications materials, including advertising, householders, and mailings by the MLA, newsletters, websites and social media accounts.

4. Administration and Organizational Tasks

  • Constituency Assistants are responsible for the management of the Constituency Office under the general supervision of the MLA.
  • Tasks may include correspondence, bookkeeping, computer record management and a familiarity with office equipment such as word processing equipment and facsimile.
  • Constituency Assistants may have responsibility for volunteer recruitment and training as well as project organization. She/he may be requested by the MLA to participate in supervision and evaluation of students working in practicum programs based in Constituency Office.
  • Constituency Assistants may be responsible for other duties as assigned by the MLA.


  • Constituency Assistants will have a good knowledge of the structure and policies of the New Democratic Party and a fundamental knowledge of the role of the three (3) levels of government.
  • Must have specific skills in computers, word processing, bookkeeping and clerical functions, as well as graphics, social media and web based functions.
  • Ability to speak languages other than English (Punjabi, Cantonese, Mandarin) would be an asset.
  • Constituency Assistants will have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. She/he will be able to work independently and with flexibility.
  • A demonstrated ability to develop and maintain effective information and advocacy strategies and to exercise diplomacy and political judgment is an integral part of this position.
  • Constituency Assistants must have the ability to administer the various aspects of a community office. Specific skills in computers, word processing, bookkeeping, clerical functions, social media platforms and web based functions may be required.
  • Spoken Cantonese or Mandarin would be an asset.
  • Ability to work with people with limited English proficiency an asset.


Salary and benefits as per the BCGEU (Constituency Assistants) Collective Agreement.

Application process

  • Applications must include a resume and two references with contact information.
  • Only those applicants short-listed will be contacted.
  • Email applications to ‘Vancouver-Hastings CA-Application’ in the subject line

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