Excerpt from the Official Report of


September 28, 2015

Death of a youth in care and request for minister to resign

S. Simpson: The ministry leaves a depressed teenager alone in a hotel room, and he’s found dead. The ministry tells the youth and children’s representative that this isn’t occurring and that there aren’t kids being put up in hotels. It’s not true.

The ministry defies a court order and puts children in the care of a pedophile, a decision that is condemned by the judge, and then appeals, putting the victim’s mother through another trial. A 21-month-old baby dies in the care of the ministry in a manner that the coroner says can’t be explained. The Paige report tells us of a young girl in the care of the ministry who dies on the streets of Vancouver.

This minister has presided over a litany of failures that have too often resulted in lost or ruined lives. This is a question of leadership. This is about leadership. This is a ministry that demands leadership from its minister. This leadership has been nonexistent under the current minister. Will the minister do the honourable thing and resign now?

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlS_a63VCjw&feature=share


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