Disability Bus Pass

October 2, 2017

I was very pleased to be able to announce the details of our transportation supplement for persons with disabilities today. This was done in response to the bus pass clawback which occurred under the previous government.

I was especially grateful to have the support of Inclusion BC, Disability Alliance BC and the BC Aboriginal Network on Disabilities at the media release.

We have tried to simplify the initiative and provide people with flexibility to determine their own transportation needs.

The program works as follows. A single person on PWD now receives $1133 as basic assistance following the $100.00 increase we put in place for October 1st. They currently have $52.00 deducted from that amount if they have a bus pass.

Effective January 1st the $52.00 will not be deducted from basic assistance. Instead there will be a dedicated transportation supplement of $52.00 provided to everyone on PWD. This will be listed on your cheque as a distinct amount that does not impact your basic assistance. This amount can be taken in cash to support your transportation needs as you see fit, in which case your cheque amount will be $1185.00, or it can be converted into an annual or monthly bus pass. My ministry will be happy to arrange that bus pass if you choose.

I recognize that all persons with disabilities have transportation needs. Depending on their personal needs and the availability of transit they will be addressed differently. Our intention with this transportation supplement was to treat all persons on PWD equally and fairly. It is also to respect that persons with disabilities should be able to determine their own choices without undue requirements around medical documentation. It is also intended to allow people to amend their choices during the year should their circumstances change.

We will be contacting people on PWD and there will be information available in the community and on the Web over the coming period to help people understand these changes.

I hope this is clear for people. Thank you.


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