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May 13, 2011

Emergency grant policy for disability assistance recipients

S. Simpson: My question is to the Minister of Social Development as well. The policies of the B.C. Liberal government are forcing staff in this ministry to do work that is not progressive, not compassionate and, frankly, not practical. Part of that includes the emergency grant — $20.

The minister doesn't have to take this on notice. I will tell him his policy: $20 a month. It doesn't matter whether you need it on the first day or the last day of the month. That's the reality.

My question to the minister is this: does he think it is realistic to ask someone to live for two weeks on $20, and if not, what is he going to do about it?


S. Simpson: Hon. Speaker, it's time for this minister to get a handle on his file. He's had this ministry for months. He's dealing with the most vulnerable people in this province, and he does not know what he's doing. That's the reality. It's time for the minister to speak for his ministry. He doesn't have his staff here to consult, to write the answers out. He doesn't have those people here.

Will the minister stand up and will he tell us whether he thinks that $20 is the best practice for dealing with emergency shelters?


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