Excerpt from the Official Report of


March 10, 2016

Employment program grant and conflict-of-interest concerns regarding Judi Tyabji Wilson

S. Simpson: Not only was there a clear conflict of interest, based on the views of the minister’s staff; the project was more than 40 percent over budget, ballooning from $128,000 to $181,000. Can the minister tell this House how that was good use of taxpayers’ money?


S. Simpson: Clearly, the minister’s flexibility on this is pretty high. The mismanagement wasn’t just financial, with a $53,000 cost overrun. It didn’t deliver on the performance side either.

The premise of Tanned, Wild and Woolly was to keep 1,000 sheepskins out of the landfill and make them into a marketable product. The reality is that they managed to process 148, less than 15 percent of what was originally promised.

Can the minister tell us whether the B.C. Liberal idea of performance is 40 percent over budget for less than 15 percent of the promised deliverables? Is that the Liberal idea of success?



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