Excerpt from the Official Report of


March 10, 2016

Fibreboard plant explosion in Quesnel

S. Simpson: I am sure all members of the House today have a thought for the incident, the explosion yesterday in Quesnel. Thankfully, the reports are that there were no serious injuries in that event, but regardless of that, it can’t help but recall for all of us the situations that were more tragic in Babine and Lakeland.

I’m sure that even though there weren’t serious injuries, it has shaken the workers. It has shaken the community of Quesnel that this occurred. I know we all will wait for the report and, hopefully, a full understanding of what caused this to occur in Quesnel when it did.

For today, I’m sure we’re all thinking about the people of Quesnel and thankful that there weren’t the same kinds of tragic situations that we saw in Babine and Lakeland, but we still do need answers as to what did occur here yesterday.


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