Excerpt from the Official Report of


October 27, 2014

Funding and support for English language learning program

S. Simpson: It’s remarkable that this Minister of Advanced Education will tell you that the province has thrown their hands up and is providing no support for thousands and thousands of people who need language skills and that if they’re lucky, maybe they can find a non-profit to help them out. That’s what this minister calls leadership.

The Liberal government has been trying to clean up the mess they made in 2002 when they botched skills training in this province. They now have a plan to do that.

However, what we now know is that literally thousands and thousands of British Columbians, because of a lack of English language skills, will not be able to take advantage of that training and those opportunities. There should be an investment in those people, in their future and in their families, but it’s not going to happen because of this government and its lack of responsibility on this.

The federal minister has said publicly that the province not only condones these cuts; they, in fact, have supported them. I know the Minister of Advanced Education is fully engaged in this issue of training. But how does the minister reconcile the end of English language programs with the skills-training initiatives that are supposed to be moving forward, and how does he tell those thousands of people who need language training that they can participate in those programs and that he’s not shutting the door on them?


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