Excerpt from the Official Report of


March 23, 2010

Funding for community social service worker pension plans

S. Simpson: In 2006 the B.C. Liberals negotiated the enrolment of unionized community social service workers into the municipal pension plan. This is to take effect on March 31 of this year. The government assured the cash-strapped community service agencies that they would cover the employers' costs to fund this pension commitment. 

Those assurances are now unravelling, and the government is reneging and telling these organizations they will largely be on their own to find the money elsewhere. This could cost these organizations as much as 7 percent of their salary budgets. Will the Minister of Housing and Social Development commit today to keep his government's promise and fund the employers' share of these pension plans? 


S. Simpson: What we know is that this commitment comes due on March 31. What we know is that after the offset of existing RRSP money, there's a $12 million unfunded commitment this year and a $20 million unfunded commitment next year for over 200 organizations in this province — organizations that have had their grants cut, their contracts cut — and they now face this. This government made a commitment in 2006.

This minister's predecessor made the commitment in order to ensure labour peace during the Olympics. They're now breaking this commitment like they broke other commitments, like they broke the commitment around the HST. Will the minister stand up today and tell these organizations they won't have to face this download from the B.C. Liberals? 


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