Excerpt from the Official Report of


February 17, 2011

Funding for the criminal justice system

S. Simpson: To continue with the failed process as this minister has, to allow these prosecution and court services to continue to erode, for us to not have adequate services to be able to process the cases that are in front of us is just the continuation of that failure. It's not acceptable.

It appears the Finance Minister isn't prepared to deal with these issues. My question would be to the Premier. Will the Premier, in his final few days here, direct the Finance Minister, direct the Attorney General to in fact rethink these resources, apply the resources, get the judges into those courts, get the prosecution services in and deal with these cases?


S. Simpson: Maybe the minister would like to know that continuing a fiscal plan that allows criminals, whether they be drug dealers or people who shoot a kid's dog, to walk away and never appear in court is a failed fiscal plan, and it's time to change it.

The minister can read from his notes all he wants. The reality is that British Columbians want our courts to work. They want criminals to be dealt with. They don't want them walking free, and they don't want them getting their $6 million bills paid either, but that's another matter.

Will this government finally do something right? You can do it now. Put the money in place to be able to deal with the criminals who are walking out of these courts, never appearing in these courts, because you failed to fund the system.


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