Excerpt from the Official Report of


May 25, 2011

Government action on homelessness and affordable housing

S. Simpson: We saw the homelessness count that came out in Metro Vancouver today, and we saw some progress around sheltered homelessness in the province. What we know is that that has largely been due to the Vancouver heat shelter strategy, and it has been a good strategy.

However, the other thing that's been dismaying in this report is that it shows that there really has been no progress on the larger question of homelessness since 2008. The numbers are essentially the same. Hon. Speaker, the problem here, though, and it's laid out in the report to some degree, is what may be right over the horizon.

My question is to the Housing Minister. Mr. Wayne Wright, who is the chair of the Metro Vancouver housing committee and the mayor of New Westminster, is quoted as saying in the report: "The lack of affordable rental housing in the region is putting low-to-moderate-income young people, families and seniors at risk of homelessness. Addressing this needs to be a priority for all levels of government as well."

This government has done little when it comes to families, seniors and youth. Can the minister tell us when he's going to introduce programs for families and seniors and youth?


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