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April 28, 2014

History of Dayton Boots

S. Simpson: I'm pleased to introduce a couple of guests who are here from the Lower Mainland. First is Christine Bridge, who is currently completing her doctorate at UBC. She's here today with her husband, Steven Encarnacao. Steven is the president and chief executive officer of Dayton Boots.

Dayton Boots was started 68 years ago, producing boots on Hastings Street. It was a pub owner who decided that people working in the forest industry needed to have good-quality boots. Over those 68 years Dayton produces, I would say without a doubt, some of the very best boots made anywhere in the world. They're of a high quality and craftsmanship, without doubt.

I'm proud that Steven has kept the company on Hastings Street, in my constituency. It's fabulous. I would ask people to make Christine and Steven welcome and also to wish Steven a happy birthday. I understand it's his birthday.


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