Excerpt from the Official Report of


April 1, 2010

Impact of HST on the community social service sector

S. Simpson: If the minister wants to talk about strong leadership, strong leadership starts with saying the same thing before the election as you say after the election. If this minister wants to…talk about families, I'd like him to find the families that think a $2 billion tax transfer from corporations onto their backs is a good idea.

The non-profit service providers in this province are facing increasing pressures from the B.C. Liberals. We're seeing cuts in funding, increased costs like the Medical Services Plan fees and now the HST.

The Federation of Community Social Services of B.C. has stated: "It is essential that B.C.'s harmonized sales tax be fiscally neutral in its impact on the community social service sector in order to ensure the ongoing delivery of quality social services by non-profit agencies throughout the province."

The action of the B.C. Liberals does exactly the opposite. Will the minister kill this tax and protect these services?


S. Simpson: What the minister will know is while they provided some relief, they have not provided the relief to the industry, to the sector. The relief is insufficient.

You compound that relief with cut grants, you compound that relief with liabilities around the health benefits trust, you compound that with increases in Medical Services Plan, and you create a problem for those agencies that deliver public services on behalf of the government and the people of B.C.

What this minister and this government are doing with the HST and these fee increases is putting pressure on the agencies that meet the needs of our most vulnerable citizens. That's a direct attack on those citizens. This minister knows it, and he could do better.

Will the minister show some support for vulnerable British Columbians for those critical services and end the HST today?



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