Excerpt from the Official Report of


May 27, 2011

Impact of the HST on the housing sector

S. Simpson: The voters and the citizens of British Columbia will find the tax relief they want when they kill the B.C. Liberal HST this summer.

This desperate attempt by the B.C. Liberals to buy votes in this upcoming referendum offers little or no support for the housing sector or for potential new home buyers. The HST is driving up the underground economy in the renovation sector, and this vote-buying scheme does nothing to change that. The industry is also worried about how many new home sales or renovations are now going to get put off till 2014.

The HST scheme guts government revenues. It hurts small business and continues to hurt the housing sector. Why should anybody in this sector feel anything but disappointment and concern about this Liberal government and its vote-buying scam?


S. Simpson: In February the Premier said: "This is the kind of politics that led to the breakdown in public trust in the first place….This type of doubletalk on the HST is damaging to the public trust that government must have to be successful." Clearly, she's not paying attention to her own words, and neither is this Finance Minister.

The B.C. Liberal story on the HST changes every day. The numbers change every day. This government is not believable. They're not believable for consumers in this province. They're not believable for people in the housing sector. When is the government going to stop misleading British Columbians on this tax and tell people the truth about what you're doing and correct it and get on with getting a proper tax in this province — back to a PST, back to a GST?


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