Excerpt from the Official Report of


March 10, 2015

Impact of wholesale liquor pricing changes on producers

S. Simpson: We know when we look at the companies who are facing some of the biggest hits, price increases in the 20 percent range, what we’re looking at is many of the craft brewers in British Columbia — people like Central City, Cannery Brewing, Prohibition Brewing and Driftwood. Now the minister is trying to blame a whole lot of other people, including those brewers, for the 5,300 products that the prices are going up in.

Will the minister tell us why she’s trying to blame higher prices on the B.C. brewing industry and others when she knows it’s her responsibility because of this price point that she’s put in on the new single price?


S. Simpson: There are a lot of craft brewers in my constituency doing well, and they’re very concerned that they’re going to hit the wall on April 1 because of the irresponsible conduct of this minister.


As one of the craft brewers who wrote us said: “We’ve been forced to choose to lower our margins to stop our prices from shooting up suddenly.”

We know that there are brewers like Moon Under Water and Deep Cove that are facing 10 percent hikes. This the Justice Minister, the Attorney General, has been told time and time again since the report on liquor came out — that the single wholesale price would be a problem. She was told that by her staff. She acknowledged that in estimates last year. Today she sings a different tune.

This is not the producers’ fault. It’s not the brewers’ fault. It’s the minister’s fault and the B.C. Liberals’ fault that these prices are going up. Will the minister at least apologize for jacking the prices of beer and wine up across this province for British Columbians? That’s what she’s done.



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