July Community Newsletter

July 24, 2018

A New Playground Fund for BC

For years, lack of government support has left parents with the
responsibility of fundraising for
playground equipment. Tillicum An-nex here in our neighbourhood, whose PAC, with support from the Rotary Club, raised enough money to build a new, safe and accessible playground is one example of this. While I applaud the efforts of all parents and PACs, I am proud that our government is introducing a new $5 million-per-year playground fund, and this year 51 schools in BC received grants for brand new play-grounds. Districts applied for the funding in April 2018, and play-grounds are being funded based on greatest need. Priority is given to schools where there is currently no playground, and then to schools where the existing playground is ag-ing.
Districts that did not receive funding this year will receive funding next year, if they apply for it. This funding is ongoing because all students
deserve quality, safe and accessible
playgrounds at school, regardless of how much their parents can fund-raise.

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