June 2017 Community Newsletter

June 30, 2017

Thank you, Vancouver-Hastings!

Welcome back to our community newsletter! It’s been a few months since you’ve heard from me because I was away from the constituency office as a candidate for re-election.

I would like to take this chance to thank the whole Vancouver-Hastings community for putting your trust in me once again and re-electing me as MLA. It is a privilege to serve this great constituency and I look forward to continuing to be your voice in Victoria.
It was an election unlike any other and we as of yet do not know how the results will impact the province. What we do know is that people voted for change and this is a signal to my colleagues and I to re-double our efforts to build a better BC from within a very different Legislature. I am excited to get on with that work alongside John Horgan and all of my colleagues, both new and returning.

Summer is finally here and as you can see by the events list to the left, there is lots going on in the community this year. Check out my website (http://www.shanesimpson.com) to find an updated list of what’s going on.
I hope to see you around the neighbourhood.


Addictions Support Can't Wait

While we have long seen many among us struggle with the hardship of addiction, the fentanyl and overdose crisis has made the situation even more urgent. We have lost friends, neighbours and family, many of whom live here on the East side.
Much of the work done to save lives has been by community members who have learned how to respond to overdoses in order to keep their loved ones alive. If you’d like to learn more about
what you can do, visit http://www.towardtheheart.com, a website by the website made by the BC Centre for Disease Control.

My colleagues and I are committed to supporting those seeking detox and other addiction services and to getting fentanyl off of our streets. Addictions support can’t wait and an immediate response to end the crisis is long overdue. As we return to work in Victoria, we will do everything possible to improve our overdose response as your provincial government.

Houses and Homes

Housing affordability continues to be a major challenge for our community, as well as sharp increases in the overall cost of living. This is especially so for renters, who face not only out of control rental costs, but instability due to unfair legal loopholes and the lack of vacant rentals, especially for families. Rental vacancies continue to dwindle as an entire generation has been priced out of the housing market, meaning people from all walks of life are all forced to compete to find what little is avialable.
Government support is long overdue. We need to increase the supply of affordable housing and introduce legislation targeting speculation and fraud to protect both renters and home owners. I’m excited to get to work at the Legislature and do whatever we can to make life more affordable.







With my colleagues Melanie Mark (MLA, Vancouver-Mt.Pleasant) and George Chow (MLA, Vancouver-Fraserview) at the summer opening of the historic Chinatown Night Market

Melanie and I at a new Victoria Day event aimed at decolonizing the holiday and reflecting on how poverty has (and has not) changed over the years. 



Sorry, no events are scheduled. Check back soon.