June Community Newsletter

June 24, 2018

Fair Wages and Affordability

June 1st marked the first increase of minimum wage under the Fair Wage Commission. Minimum wage is now $12.65 per hour and will be raised to $13.85 next year and to $15.20 by 2021. The lower wages for liquor servers who receive tips are being eliminated and their wage is being raised to meet the standard
Minimum wage.
Another recent initiative to help those in need is the BC Hydro Crisis Fund. It is a pilot program at the re-quest of the BC Utilities Commission. Since May 1st, customers can apply for a grant of up to $600 through their Customer Crisis Fund. The fund is available to residential customers who are experiencing a crisis and are behind on their BC Hydro bill
payments and facing disconnection, despite attempting to make
payments. Once an application is
approved, grants will be provided directly on a customer’s BC Hydro bill and are available once per year. The grants do not need to be repaid. This two-year pilot program will be funded by a monthly 25 cent charge on every residential customer bill.
More information about the
Customer Crisis Fund and the online are available or call my office for more information.

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