Excerpt from the Official Report of


May 28, 2010

Leak at Chevron oil refinery

S. Simpson: This incident was discovered by Chevron on the 21st of April. On May 18 they informed the advisory panel. But as they note here, they informed the provincial government through the Ministry of Environment and through the provincial emergency program in the Solicitor General's office immediately after they discovered this on the 21st of April. 

The issue here is both dealing with the incident…. But we also know that when you talk about dealing with these kinds of issues, the public wants to know. They expect transparency; they expect information. 

The question to the Solicitor General is: why is it that the government chose not to inform British Columbians when they found out after April 21, and we had to wait until now before this information was released? 


S. Simpson: The public found out from a community advisory panel because the government didn't do its job and tell British Columbians about this problem. 

The question is this. The ministry found out, the Solicitor General found out and the Minister of Environment found out sometime shortly after April 21. So when did they tell the Premier, and more importantly, why didn't they tell the public right away when they found out? 


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