Excerpt from the Official Report of


May 19, 2010

Leaky condo loan progam and sales tax exepmtions for leaky condo repairs

S. Simpson: In 2008 McClanaghan and Associates conducted an assessment of the Homeowner Protection Office leaky-condo program. They determined that over 72,000 condominiums in B.C. were leaky and that as of 2012 between 14,000 and 24,000 would still need to be repaired.

We know the government cancelled the loan program in July 2009, leaving these homeowners with no meaningful government support, but now we know that by implementing the HST and cancelling the PST rebate on repairs, effective June 30, the government is removing the only other support available to them. This will cost…. This assessed PST rebate averaged $688 in 2009.

My question to the minister is: why have the B.C. Liberals now completely turned their back on the thousands of people who need to repair their homes?


S. Simpson: It was bad policy. The minister was wrong last fall, and he's still wrong today.

The PST disappears when the HST comes into force. When it disappears, there is no more PST to rebate, and the minister knows that. As of September 2007, 32,000 homes were repaired. They received about $21 million in PST rebates. That's gone now. We estimate that the people who are still waiting to repair their homes are going to lose somewhere between $10 million and $17 million because this government is implementing the HST and cancelling this rebate.

These are people who have no choice but to repair their homes. These repairs often cost in the range of $70,000 plus to do, and now what little support they had left from this government is gone because of the policies of this government around the HST. How can this government justify killing this modest bit of support for the thousands of people who face leaky condos and instead give them the HST that they hate?



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