Let’s get Metro Vancouver moving

September 23, 2016

It’s time to get Metro Vancouver moving again by raising the provincial share of capital funding for public transportation improvements. John Horgan and I are committed to increasing the province’s capital share from 33 per cent to 40 per cent to get moving on the transportation planning framework developed by Metro Vancouver mayors.

Funding transit delivers clear benefits for commuters, the environment and our economy. We’ll put people to work building infrastructure, generating more than 4,300 jobs a year for British Columbians over 10 years. That’s almost $3 billion in wages over the coming years, and a contribution of almost $4.5 billion to the B.C. economy.

The mayors’ plan provides 1.5 million more people with reliable public transit service, cuts congested commutes by up to half an hour every day, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of leading the way, Premier Clark forced an expensive, made-to-fail referendum on voters, picked fights with Lower Mainland mayors over funding, and blocked the way forward for years now, leaving commuters stuck.

Municipalities have made it clear they need provincial support to get people and goods moving smoothly across Metro. We can’t afford to wait any longer for Christy Clark to do her job. Her inaction is holding back people and holding back our economy.

Horgan and I are ready to take the lead and work with the mayors to break the gridlock on our roads, fight climate change, and create thousands of good jobs as we move ahead.

Read more about our plan to get Metro Vancouver moving: http://bit.ly/2crRis0.

Community fights to save A.R. Lord Elementary School

Dr. A.R. Lord parents and community members are determined to save the school from closure. The province has dropped its arbitrary 95 per cent enrolement requirement for seismic funding, but it’s still not clear what this will mean for A.R. Lord. Attend the next school board meeting, Monday, September 26, 7 pm, in the large gym at Tupper Secondary, to show your support for A.R. Lord. Visit www.savearlord.com to find out more ways to show support. Read the Vancouver School Board report on the potential closure of Dr. A.R. Lord: http://bit.ly/2cHhy4r.

Disability bus pass claw back takes effect

Despite protests, the province has raised the price of bus passes for people with disabilities from $45 a year to $624 a year. Raising the cost of bus passes for people with disabilities is wrong, and shows the premier has the wrong priorities. While people on disability are being asked to pay more for transportation, Clark is spending tax dollars flying around the world on private jets. While the premier’s tastes become more and more extravagant, life keeps getting less and less affordable for ordinary British Columbians.

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