Letter to the City of Vancouver regarding the future of Hastings Park

July 24, 2013

Andrea Reimer, Chair,
Planning, Transportation & Environment Standing Committee
City of Vancouver
453 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

Dear Ms. Reimer,

I am writing in advance of your July 24 meeting to express my full support for Park Board governance of Hastings Park. Unfortunately, I am in Victoria for the sitting of the B.C. Legislature and cannot attend the meeting in person.

I have heard from many constituents over the years regarding their concerns with the PNE’s management of Hastings Park, including general poor upkeep of the grounds and landscaping, the removal of trees without explanation, the restriction of access to the park during the summer months to accommodate PNE events and other commercial activity, and most recently the injury of wildlife resulting from the addition of a fishing dock to the pond at bird sanctuary. I understand that this dock will now become one of the PNE fair’s visitor attractions, which does not seem consistent with the stated educational goals of the program.

It is my belief that Hastings Park is a public park in the City of Vancouver, and as such belongs under Vancouver Parks Board control. Clearly, alternative management options to the current agreement already exist in the Parks Board system, such as that at Van Dusen, where significant stakeholders like the PNE can still have significant input into decisions around the park.

I respectfully request that the City of Vancouver vigorously pursue Parks Board control of this community green space.


Shane Simpson
MLA Vancouver-Hastings


 CC: Mayor Gregor Robertson and Council
       The Friends of Hastings Park
       Hastings Park Conservancy


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