LNG deal lets corporations set environmental policy for BC

July 30, 2015

Like most British Columbians, I want to see an LNG industry that protects our air, land and water, including our climate change commitments. But Christy Clark’s LNG deal lets Petronas help write its own environmental regulations.

The Project Development Agreement with Pacific Northwest LNG gives the company the right to negotiate on the environmental regulations that will come into force when the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act is enacted. These rules will apply to all future LNG facilities as well.
What’s more, the rules the company helps write will be locked in for 25 years, meaning a future government that wants to improve environmental measures will have to compensate the company for any costs it incurs as a result. The agreement also protects the company from changes to the carbon tax on LNG production for 25 years. The government already legislated an exemption of 70 per cent of GHG emissions from the benchmark LNG facilities are required to meet.

Clark’s Petronas deal doesn’t have a single reference to guaranteeing jobs for British Columbians, and Petronas has already indicated they could use up to 70 per cent of workers from overseas, and makes no requirement to buy local products and services from B.C. Clark’s LNG agreement also reduces the corporate income tax from 11 per cent to eight per cent. In comparison, Australia’s LNG agreements guarantee local jobs, requires a buy local policy, and doesn’t give tax breaks and protection from future tax increases.

Australia’s LNG agreements also contain environmental benefits that B.C.’s doesn’t; their LNG deal includes a clause requiring significant investments “for ongoing programs that will provide Net Conservation Benefits.”
If we are to have an LNG industry in B.C, it has to come with a fair return for our resource, good jobs for British Columbians, and protection for our air, land, and water.


MLA Jenny Kwan retires

I’d like to extend my best wishes to Jenny Kwan, who has recently resigned as MLA for Vancouver-Mt. Pleasant to run as a federal candidate for Vancouver East in the upcoming federal election.

Over the past 19 years Jenny has been a ground-breaker and inspiration to many. I value the contributions she’s made to British Columbia and wish her all the best.

Jenny has worked for East Vancouver for the last 25 years, serving as a lone opposition councillor in the City of Vancouver, a cabinet minister, and one of just two Opposition MLAs holding 77 B.C. Liberal MLAs to account.

Jenny and I have worked together on a number of issues of mutual concern to our East Side constituents, and I know she will work hard to represent them federally if she is successful in the upcoming federal election.
Thank you Jenny, and good luck.


Water conservation tips

The province has declared a level 4 drought, requiring maximum water use reduction; Metro Vancouver has initiated Stage 3 water restrictions for our region. Try these tips from the BC Ministry of Environment to help us through this dry summer. For more information on water restrictions visit http://bit.ly/1TOE0D9.

– Turn off taps when brushing teeth or shaving. Repair dripping taps.
– Take shorter showers. Save 19 L every minute.
– Check your toilet for leaks, save up to 300 L a week.
– Keep a jug of water in the fridge – don’t run the tap until cold.
– Use a bucket for household cleaning instead of running the tap.
– Only wash full loads. Every washing machine load uses up to 190 L.

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