Excerpt from the Official Report of


November 27, 2014

Location of coroner's inquest into Burn's Lake Mill explosion

S. Simpson: Last week the Premier said that she’d like us to be asking questions about the tragedy at Babine Forest Products. The Premier may recall that on October 29 we asked a series of questions of her, and she chose at that time to not rise in her place and answer those questions, so maybe she’ll answer them today.

Since that time, since 2012, the workers and their families have been frustrated by attempts to get justice in this matter. They asked for a public inquiry, and the Liberal government said no. They asked for legal counsel to ensure their voices were heard, and as recently as November 19 the Premier said no. They’ve asked that the inquest be held in Burns Lake and not four hours away in Prince George so that they can attend, and the answer continues to be no.

Can the Premier explain why these workers and their families will have to travel four hours to Prince George from Burns Lake if they want to attend hearings into the deaths of their loved ones?


S. Simpson: This Premier was more than ready to use that mill explosion as a photo op in the campaign. She doesn’t have enough respect for those families to stand and speak today in this House. It’s outrageous. It’s embarrassing to the justice system in this province. It’s embarrassing that the Premier will not stand and speak for those families that she made promises to after that explosion and has ignored every single day since — every single day.

It’s been three years since this tragedy occurred. The need for sympathy has passed. It’s time for some justice, and the Premier can deliver that justice today. They want that hearing, that inquest to be held in their hometown so that they can participate.

The Premier could make that commitment today. Once, just once, when the cameras aren’t on for the photo op, will she do something that respects those families? Tell them they’re going to get their inquest.



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