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February 12, 2014

Message of appreciation for support during colon cancer treatment

S. Simpson: I wanted to take this, my first opportunity since the House has come back, to say a thank-you to the surgeons and VGH and the Cancer Agency for all of the support that I received when I went through my challenge with colon cancer this summer. It was obviously a bit of a life-changing event, and I have nothing but the greatest admiration for our health system and for the remarkable care that I got. I'm very pleased at how it's turned out. I feel very fortunate when my oncologist says: "Yes, you can say you're cancer-free." [Applause.] Thank you.

I feel very appreciative to the hundreds of people from across the province who sent me prayers and well wishes. We know that at this time when you're facing this kind of challenge — and many members in this House have at different times — the need to be positive and to continue to have a positive spirit is really critical to winning the battle. I felt that across the province.

Today I especially wanted to say a thank-you to all the members of this House, not just my caucus here but the government side, who were very gracious in their prayers and their comments, and the fruit basket was great. Thank you very much — and to the Speaker as well. It made a huge, huge difference to me and to my recovery.

I know our colleague the Minister of Agriculture is facing that same challenge today around colon cancer. I understand he's had his surgery and he's in recovery now. I'm sure that we would all say that there are 84 people sitting in this place who are all cheering for him to have a full recovery and to be back here healthy and hearty, as soon as possible.

So thank you, everybody.



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