Excerpt from the Official Report of


February 22, 2017

Negotiations for Federal Health Care Funding

S. Simpson: On December 22, the Health Minister had this to say about the accord with the federal government on health care. His exact words were that we're "not going to negotiate a side deal." Now he has cut a side deal, one that leaves B.C. short on health funding.

Can the minister please explain why he gave up on getting a good deal? Or did the Premier do the deal against his advice?


S. Simpson: Let's repeat the minister's other words of that day and time for him. As he said: "The offer — let me be clear — means that over a ten-year period, the share of federal funding for health care would decline."

He then said that he would not participate in "a divide-and-conquer tactic with other provinces." Then he gave up in less than two months and walked away from that process with other provinces, doing exactly that.

Did the Health Minister give up on standing up for B.C. health care, or was he thrown under the bus along with the rest of British Columbians by the Premier?


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