October 2017 Newsletter

October 10, 2017

Helping Refugees in East Van


The Grandview -Woodland Refugee Initiative (GWRI) is a group of neighours and friends who have joined together to reunite a family impacted by the ongoing conflict in Syria.
The GWRI was formed in June 2017 and is working in partnership with the Grandview Cavalry Baptist Church, which as a registered charity, can issue tax receipts and securly administer money raised.
In 2016 community members were successful in relocating a Syrian mother and her daughter to Vancouver. Now GWRI is working with them to raise funds so the woman’s sister, her husband
and son can join them in Vancouver. The federal government requires groups like GWRI to raise $25,000 to support a refugee family for one year. Considering the cost of living in Vancouver, GWRI members have set their goal at $35,000 for the family’s first year. So far they have raised $9,055.00 of this target.
Visit their website if you would like to be informed of upcoming events, get involved, or find out ways to help: http://grandview-woodland-refugee-initiative.com
I am happy to support their efforts and encourage others who can to help.

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