Excerpt from the Official Report of


February 17, 2017

PharmaNet System Privacy Breach

S. Simpson: In 2014, the last time PharmaNet had a data breach on the Health Minister's watch, he promised to do better. The minister said: "British Columbians expect the Ministry of Health to safeguard their personal medical information, and as Minister of Health, I take that responsibility very seriously."

The result of that serious concern is another breach that affects four times as many people. That's five breaches in five years for the Minister of Health, a litany of privacy breaches under this government and this minister. While the minister may shrug and say, "We're going to do better," for the thousands of people who have had their information breached, they're concerned about identity theft. They're concerned about a whole range of issues. And what we heard today was nothing in response to a simple question.


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