Excerpt from the Official Report of


March 24, 2014

Portland Hotel Society audits and oversight

S. Simpson: My question is to the Minister for Housing. I know the minister would agree with me that the Portland Hotel Society has done some very effective and innovative work supporting some of our most vulnerable citizens. I believe we would also agree that the expense revelations of the audits released last week are not acceptable by any management or accountability measures or standards.

It's vitally important that the front-line services offered by the Portland are protected so that some of our province's most vulnerable are not left behind. Government oversight will be an important aspect of that success. The audit did identify shortcomings around the oversight process.

Can the minister outline what steps he's taking to improve general government oversight, and also at the Portland Hotel Society, so that staff, the people they serve and the broader public can have confidence that those services are being well managed and protected?


S. Simpson: I would agree with the minister that the new board is eminently qualified and that there are some very respected individuals. I appreciate that the minister and the new board have begun to take some steps here.

What we know about the audit is that it covered a three-year period, but there remain a number of unanswered questions in the public's mind about the oversight at the Portland and about how long these issues that have been identified may have gone on. Can the minister confirm what previous audits or reviews have taken place, and will the government release that information?


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