Excerpt from the Official Report of


April 9, 2014

Position of former BC Lottery Corporation CEO with PV hospitality partnership

S. Simpson: In 2010, while Michael Graydon was the CEO of the Lottery Corporation, they made a submission to a legislative committee on Freedom of Information arguing that: "Commercial Crowns such as BCLC carry on in a business environment where sensitive commercial information should not be disclosed in any circumstances because of the potential for financial or economic harm."

Yet we know that Mr. Graydon, in trying to defend the deal that the Minister of Finance approved for him, said recently in the media: "There's nothing from my perspective…as a CEO that would be detrimental to any other operator, or advantageous to Paragon." Clearly, there's a contradiction between these two positions.

Now, we know that the government's own conflict-of-interest policy bars senior public servants from taking a job for one year with an outside entity that you "had a substantial involvement in dealings with…at any time during the year immediately preceding the end of employment." This policy does not apply to the head of Crown corporations.

My question to the Minister of Finance is: does the Minister of Finance agree with Mr. Graydon's defence of his new position, or does he agree with the Lottery Corporation position to the legislative committee that they in fact do deal with very sensitive commercial information? If he does, will he put a one-year cooling-off period in place for heads of Crown corporations?


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