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March 9, 2016

Public awareness of organ donation

S. Simpson: I want to join with my colleagues on both sides in welcoming some of our guests from the Kidney Foundation of Canada. I had the opportunity today to meet with Mimi Luck, Todd Hauptman, Danny Fan, Emily Wills and Bronwyn Hedberg — all either recipients of transplants, people who are awaiting a transplant or family members who are advocating.

Their message to me was very clear, as I’m sure it was to many in this chamber: we need to do a better job around public awareness for potential donors. While a vast majority of people believe that they’re on the list to be donors, the reality is that only about 20 percent of people are on that list today.

We know ICBC and others are doing work around that, to promote that. We should be using our good offices and opportunities here to encourage our constituents, if it’s appropriate, to become donors. I hope you’ll make our guests from the Kidney Foundation very welcome.


Sorry, no events are scheduled. Check back soon.