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October 8, 2014

Question on comments by premier on job creation

S. Simpson: Stats Canada tells us that B.C. has the second-worst record on private sector job growth in this country, despite the Premier's promises on September 11 that we would lead the country in private sector job growth. I assume that's what the Premier means when she calls for people to walk the talk. That's that job loss. That's what she means.

Now in the throne speech we've seen the Premier run away from the claim of 100,000 jobs for British Columbians in LNG. In fact, the government is signing deals with China that will increase the number of temporary foreign workers working in that sector. What we know now is that none of the Premier's claims around jobs are founded in fact — not one of her claims.

Why should British Columbians have any confidence in the Premier's claims that jobs will be for British Columbians when the record is so, so dismal with this government?


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