Excerpt from the Official Report of


February 28, 2013

Question reagrding the investigation into partisan activities relating to government multicultural outreach strategy

S. Simpson: I certainly acknowledge the apology of the Deputy Premier and the concern that he's expressed on his behalf, the Premier's behalf and on behalf of the caucus. The challenge here is that we do need…. The actions are critically important.

The Deputy Premier has been asked twice now about releasing the terms of reference and about the scope. When we talk about that, we're talking about needing to know. The public needs to know: what are the terms of reference for this investigation? And the public needs to have confidence that it will be broad enough in scope to in fact deal with the minister of state's office, to deal with the Premier's office and that that report, as the Deputy Premier has said, will in fact be released in a timely fashion. All of that, presumably, will be part of those terms of reference.

Will the Premier take the next step in the work that she's done today with this apology and commit to those terms of reference being released today?


S. Simpson: I have no quarrel with the comments of the Deputy Premier on this matter. But the question I have…. The Deputy Premier, for whatever reason, is refusing to make a commitment to release terms of reference on the scope of this investigation that Mr. Dyble will be doing. If the Deputy Premier is not prepared to make the commitment, will he at least tell us why he's not prepared to release those terms of reference?

Hon. R. Coleman: Frankly, we are quite happy to make the report public, and we will have the deputy minister conduct the review.

As I said earlier, this is not a situation that we actually think is good. We've apologized, and it is a sincere apology — that the language in this draft document and some of its recommendations are absolutely inappropriate. We would expect the review to be quick, and we would expect the action to be taken, to be taken as quickly as possible.


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