Excerpt from the Official Report of


July 9, 2013

Questions on the Core Review and the status of programs for vulnerable children

S. Simpson: What we know is that there are 6,000 more children today than there were a year ago living in poverty, and that's 6,000 children and their families. B.C. has had the worst record on child poverty in this country for the last decade.

While this government has refused to take any meaningful action for those families, they have pledged to move forward with a core review, a review that will look for programs in every ministry that can be cut. The last core review dismantled agencies like the Children's Commission and left 700 unfinished child death review cases to languish in a warehouse. Will the Minister for Core Review commit today to this House that not a penny will be taken from programs for B.C.'s most vulnerable children as a result of his review?


S. Simpson: Well, what we know is that what this government has on the table today for poor kids and poor families is woefully inadequate. It doesn't meet their needs today. This minister made no commitment with that answer that there wouldn't be more cuts.

The other thing we know is that a core review needs to be thoughtful to have value. It needs to look not just at expenditures but also at service levels. Ending a decade of neglect on child poverty requires a long-term strategy. The core review offers nothing. We've had a Minister for Core Review here, and there's been a little bit of vague rhetoric from this minister in the press — nothing substantive, no commitments, no promises — about protecting vulnerable people.

If the minister is serious, if he's truthful that this is what he's going to do, commit today that the terms of reference will ensure that not a penny will be taken from vulnerable citizens in this province because of your review.



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