Excerpt from the Official Report of


February 29, 2016

Questions to the Minister: Court ruling on asbestos removal company

S. Simpson: Last week the Supreme Court overturned the contempt charges against Seattle Environmental Consulting regarding their asbestos removal business. This company has a disturbing record of ignoring worker safety in an industry that can have very serious health consequences for workers who are not appropriately equipped or trained. This court decision is of great concern to those who work in the health and safety field. Will the minister assure this House that there will be an appeal of this disappointing decision?


S. Simpson: We know the court did not overturn the order itself, and there’s little question about the conduct of this company. The issue is the complexity and the clarity of the regulations that implement this decision. The regulatory regime that provides oversight and enforcement is fundamental to the operation of WorkSafe.

What action does the minister intend to take to ensure that WorkSafe’s procedures and regulations protect workers and ensure consequences for bad actors, like Seattle Environmental, regardless of the final decision about an appeal?



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