Excerpt from the Official Report of


October 7, 2014

Questions on the Minstry of Health investigation into alleged privacy breach

S. Simpson: The minister has talked a lot about what will be in and out of the investigation. Will the minister confirm and commit today that Ms. Tarras and Ms. McNeil will be given all documents related in three areas — related to meetings Mr. Dyble had with Mr. Whitmarsh and Ms. Tarras on August 15, 2012, and any documents that may have come out of that meeting, and all documents related to the GCPE plan that led to the September 5, 2012, press leak and the September 6 press conference? Finally, will the minister commit to the House today that Ms. Tarras and Ms. McNeil will be given each and every document that came before cabinet that discussed these firings either before or after they occurred?


S. Simpson: Just again to confirm with the minister. Is the minister committing that those documents and correspondence that I've asked for will be released to the investigators?


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