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July 11, 2013

Questions regarding BC PAVCO lease agreement with Paragon Gaming

S. Simpson: On April 25 the then chair of the Pavilion Corporation, now the Minister of Education, told the CBC that in fact PavCo had signed a 99-year lease agreement with Paragon Gaming. The same minister then, about a week later on May 3, told CKNW…. He back-pedalled from the position and told CKNW that right now there is nothing in place.

Today on the Paragon website Paragon is saying they have a 70-year agreement signed between themselves and PavCo and that they in fact signed that agreement in March, well in advance of the comments on both occasions by the Minister of Education.

My question is to the minister responsible for the Pavilion Corporation. Can he clear the matter up? Can he tell us what the truth is here? Is it the minister's first comments about a 99-year lease, is it his second comment about no agreement, or is it Paragon's comment about a 70-year lease?


S. Simpson: I'd note that the minister, somewhere in that answer, didn't provide any direction or clarity to the question that was presented.

The issue is this. There have been significant discrepancies in terms of what the public is hearing. They're hearing two messages: from the Minister of Education when he was the chair of PavCo and a message from Paragon, all of which are somewhat different. That's not acceptable, particularly on a project like this, which the minister will know was very controversial and led to the city rejecting the expanded facility there.

We also know from the Paragon site, apparently, that the amount of revenue coming back is to be half of what was originally anticipated on this site. People have a right to know what the situation is.

My question to the minister responsible for PavCo: will he clear up this mess, and will he release the terms and conditions of the agreement between PavCo and Paragon so that people know what they're dealing with?


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