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July 18, 2013

Questions regarding Convention Centre costs during Minsitry of Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Training Estimates.

S. Simpson: Maybe the minister could tell us. I understand from these comments, and I came in a little bit late, but I understand…. There's a repayment plan in place currently. Could the minister give us a little bit of detail? What's the detail of that repayment plan? How much is being paid annually? How's this being paid, over what term?


S. Simpson: I think that's great. So the minister, then, will make available that repayment schedule; information about interest rates on that; a list of payments — it commenced in 2008, I believe, was the comment of the minister — to this point; and the projected payment schedule out to full payment of the $90 million?


S. Simpson: Maybe the minister could just clarify. I heard the minister at first saying: "We have a payment plan in place. Everything is in order. Everybody is making payments on time. We're aware of that, and everybody's in compliance." I accept that. But if the minister is confident of that, then I'm sure it's because the ministry's officials have access to all that information.

Again, it would be helpful if maybe the minister could encourage her officials to get that information that the minister's basing her answers on and make that available. Since the minister's clearly confident about her position here — and I accept that — the minister should then make that information available, including the payment schedules and any of the legal documentation that supports that.


S. Simpson: I appreciate that. Just so the minister knows, we had some of this conversation earlier in the PavCo estimates in the Ministry of Transportation. I'm sure that's where the receivable piece lands.

The minister there was very kind in agreeing — because we had a short period of time — that he was prepared to accept some written questions that he would respond to. We'll be happy to get the information on receivables, hopefully, from the appropriate minister there. But anything the minister can provide around the accounts payable, around those schedules, around those matters that the minister has been talking about would be very helpful to provide some clarity to this issue about the state of the $90 million.


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