Excerpt from the Official Report of


July 19, 2013

Questions regarding the government's multiculural outreach strategy investigation

S. Simpson: Maybe if the exhaustive investigation had interviewed Ms. Sarrafpour, we'd be further along than we are today. Minister after minister has claimed that the Dyble report tells us all we need to know about the quick-win scandal. Yesterday the Multicultural Minister said that the report was comprehensive: "It was exhaustive." The Innovation Minister said it was a "wide-reaching investigation." This morning the Deputy Premier said: "Commonly accepted forensic techniques and tools were used to search across the aggregated data."

How is it possible that a comprehensive, wide-reaching investigation using forensic techniques missed a government e-mail from the minister to political staff asking where the contact lists were for multi-election strategies? And if it wasn't missed, why was it hidden?


S. Simpson: The legislative comptroller administered that money. I wonder if they administered the money for the quick-win scandal. This e-mail….


S. Simpson: As soon as he finishes the bluster, I'll get going there, hon. Speaker. This e-mail is from the former Minister for Multiculturalism, hon. Speaker. This e-mail is from the former Minister for Multiculturalism to Brian Bonney using government e-mail.

It refers to contact lists for use in the B.C. Liberal election strategy. In the e-mail the MLA for Richmond-Steveston says that Ms. Sarrafpour has "an obligation to you and me and our Primrose to meet this contact list requirement as part of our multi–election campaign strategy."

This contradicts the Premier, who claimed that this scheme was never put into play. It is time for some truth and some honesty in this process. It is time for an independent investigation with the power to get at the B.C. Liberal Party, to get at the Liberal caucus and their staff and others. Will the Deputy Premier order that investigation today, or is he going to keep hiding?


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