Excerpt from the Official Report of


November 4, 2014

Questions regarding investigation into executive compensation at Kwantlen University

S. Simpson: What Kwantlen is investigating is whether there’s impropriety around the compensation for senior members and, in fact, who was responsible for that and whether the Minister of Advanced Education was responsible for that when he sat on that board. That’s what Kwantlen is investigating. The people of British Columbia have a right to know that.

I know this minister is in an uncomfortable place as the Minister of Advanced Education and being under investigation by the university, but will he commit today that the public will see that report in its entirety when it’s released?


S. Simpson: This minister’s inability to give a straight answer to this House speaks volumes to why that report needs to be made public.

The minister should quit trying to divert, quit trying to obscure the issue and give the House a straight answer. For once, for the first time since he’s had this ministry, give us a straight answer. Will you ensure that report is made public when it’s released? Make it public.

Saturday, November 16, 2019 - 12:00pm - 4:30pm