Excerpt from the Official Report of


February 15, 2011

Referendum on the Harmoinzed Sales Tax

S. Simpson: The one consensus in our province on the harmonized sales tax is the need to end the uncertainty and resolve this matter by expediting the vote on the tax. This view is shared by both opponents and proponents of the HST, including the front-running Liberal leadership candidates.

We on this side are prepared to fast-track legislation over the next two days to change that vote to June 24. Will the Premier stand with British Columbians today, regardless of their view on the tax, and order that change?


S. Simpson: We know the Premier arbitrarily changed the rules on that act himself, so it clearly can be changed. We're prepared to change it in the proper way. The opposition leader will introduce legislation to make that change tomorrow, and we are prepared to pass that bill in one day.

All the front-running Liberal leadership candidates have said they want to change the vote to June 24. So the question to the Premier is this. Does he have confidence in the word of the people who want his job, and if he does, will he make one more important decision in his last few days in office and make that change to the legislation now?


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