Excerpt from the Official Report of


March 9, 2017

Residential Tenancy Branch Budget and Staffing

S. Simpson: When the Housing Minister doubled the fees for people seeking help with their rental situation, his government claimed that money was being pulled in to be used to hire more staff at the residential tenancy branch. Last July there were 34 people at the residential tenancy branch helping with dispute resolution. Today there are 29 people.

To the Housing Minister: how does doubling fees and cutting the number of staff help people who are worried about getting thrown out of their homes?


S. Simpson: Only this minister and this government would say that cutting the budget of the residential tenancy branch and eliminating staff is good for renters in a rental housing crisis. That’s what they think. Unbelievable.

It’s not only the number of staff that have been reduced by this Housing Minister. The budget for the residential tenancy branch has been cut by 2 percent. This means there are fewer resources to help renters in the worst rental market in the country.

To the Housing Minister again: B.C. is in the middle of a rental housing crisis. Why would you cut funding to the very organization that’s supposed to help renters and landlords to keep people in their homes in the middle of a crisis? It is absurd, Minister.

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