Excerpt from the Official Report of


April 7, 2014

Severance payments to former Lottery Corporation CEO

S. Simpson: Michael Graydon submitted his resignation as the CEO of the B.C. Lottery Corporation and one week after leaving government went to work for a Paragon subsidiary to head up the new proposed casino in Vancouver.

The Finance Minister will know that government and Crown corporation employees don't usually receive severance when they resign their positions. For example, Dana Hayden received no severance when she recently resigned as the CEO of the B.C. Pavilion Corporation. However, Mr. Graydon walked away with almost $86,000 in severance and bonuses. We know from documents the opposition has received that the Finance Minister signed off on this deal.

Can the minister explain why Mr. Graydon received such a deal from the government after he quit to go to work for the proposed Vancouver casino?

S. Simpson: We know, and as the Minister of Transportation told me in estimates the other day when speaking of Ms. Hayden, that the policy of the government is if you resign your position, you don't get severance, and that was the situation with Ms. Hayden.

A February 6 e-mail from the vice-president of human resources at the Lottery Corporation to the Public Sector Employers Council states: "Attached is a copy of the release, which outlines the conditions of his departure as you requested. This was agreed between our chair and the minister, and I understand he has a copy."

This gave Mr. Graydon two months of salary, about $50,000, and a bonus of more than $35,000 — all of this when the minister knew full well that Mr. Graydon would be starting his new job a week later. It's shocking enough that Mr. Graydon has essentially no cooling-off period before going to work for this company that he was intimately involved with as the president of the Lottery Corporation, but you have given him $86,000 to boot.

Again, why did the minister sign off on this sweetheart deal for Mr. Graydon?


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