Excerpt from the Official Report of


May 6, 2010

Special prosecutor's donations to the BC Liberal party

S. Simpson: What we know is that this law firm, Harper Grey, has given over $50,000 to the B.C. Liberal Party since 1998, including donations to the campaign of the member from Fraserview. We also know that Terrence Robertson, the special prosecutor, gave a thousand dollars. This Attorney General wants us to believe that nobody over there twigged to the fact that a major donor — a law firm, one of the senior members of which vets Liberal candidates — in fact had this responsibility as special prosecutor. 

The question I have for the Attorney General is: not why didn't he talk to the special prosecutor — why didn't he or somebody on that side call the criminal justice branch and say: "We have a problem"? 


S. Simpson: What I understand is that the cover-up continues by the B.C. Liberals led by the Attorney General. That's what I understand. 

There are two words to describe the sleazy tactics that led to the tainted election of the member from Fraserview. The first one is that it is unbelievable that the two most senior members of that campaign, now charged under the Criminal Code, could be behind this sleaze and that the candidate doesn't know. It's outrageous that this government allows the appointment of an insider law firm to, in fact, conduct the special prosecution. 

How can the people of this province have any respect for this government or this minister? 


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