Thank You

May 18, 2017

Thank you to the people of Vancouver-Hastings for putting your trust in me again. It is a privilege to serve this great constituency. Thank you to everybody on my team who did all the hard work to deliver this victory. You are fabulous.

A thank you also to my competitors, Jane, David, Kimball and all your workers and supporters. Democracy is about presenting different ideas and advocating for them to ensure people have a real choice. You did that well. Campaigns are tough and losing is no fun, but you should be proud of your efforts. 

As for the results province wide, we can't be certain what we are dealing with. What we do know is people did vote for change and our obligation is to re-double our efforts to make that happen in this very different Legislature that is now in front of us. I am excited to get on with that work alongside John Horgan and my colleagues both new and returning. Thank you again to all the people of the Vancouver-Hastings community.


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